Clanfield’s Cleaning

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We are fully equipped to handle all your cleaning needs!!

From Rain Water Tanks, Gutters & Roofs to Solar Panels, Concrete Driveways & Paths

We know how precious your rain water is. That’s why we carry our own 2,000Lt water tank to every clean job.

No Power? No problem, we supply our own!

Our Hydro Vac machine makes cleaning debris, dirt & silt from water tanks and gutters a breeze. 

With over 75m of hose we can reach almost any tank, gutter or roof.

We use a Low Pressure DI Water Filter System to clean Solar Panels to ensure an absolutely clean streak free surface, free from dirt or any residue allowing the solar panels to absorb as much sunlight as possible.


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Gutters & Roofs

We first vacuum all debris from the gutters and then scrub or pressure wash gutters & roofs to ensure no leaves or silt is left behind. 

For people on rain water tanks, we cover the tanks at entry or divert water via the leaf catcher area to avoid any dirty water entering their tanks.




Rainwater Tanks

Tanks are fully cleaned floors and walls and then sanitized with Tank Safe. 




Solar Panels

Solar panels are cleaned with our specialized DI Filter system to provide pure water only to achieve an absolutely clean streak free surface – free from dirt or any residue allowing the solar panels to absorb as much sunlight as possible. 

Spill Clean Up

With a well set out truck, detergents, cleaners, pressure cleaners and Hydro Vac, we are able to attend to most spills.

Pressure Washing

We are set up with an 18″ surface cleaner, and over 50m pressure hose. We can cover most concrete driveways, paths etc.